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How to Add a Contact Form and Page

You have started blogging and you like the writing and the views.   You have engaged with the community and spent time reading others blogs in WordPress and noticed some of them have Contact pages and/or contact forms.  Or maybe you want to give your readers a non-public way to give you feedback.  You decided you want to install a contact form in your blog.  This article guides you through the steps to add your own contact page. makes creating a Contact Page very easy.  It also provides very good Support on the topic.  I wanted to summarize the information and bring the references to one place.  You will only need to add a page and within the page add a contact form.

In order to insert a contact form into our blog, we are going to create a Contact page.  When you started your blog, it had one dynamic page, which is were all your post gets published, and one static page (About).  When you add a page you really add a static page.  What is the difference? A dynamic page changes automatically as you publish posts.   You must manually modified and updated a static page.  A static page get published once.  After that, additions to the page don’t get published, they are just updates of the page.
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