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Create Your Blog Now! Make a Post Today!


I have always had a desire to write a blog in some remote corner of my mind.  I never took it seriously.  How could I?  We all have enough stuff to deal with,  right!?  I even glanced through a couple of books for dummies on blogging (I read the table of content) but didn’t thought of buying a book like that.  It would be a waste of money.  Another book picking up dust in some dark room in my house.  And even if I created a blog, who have time to write enough material to keep it interesting?  What I am going to write about? Aren’t there too many blogs out in the blogosphere about every single topic you might think about?  And even if I selected a topic, I would need to research and write as if I were to get graded.  You know what, let’s not focus on the reasons why we shouldn’t start a blog immediately (I really wanted to say excuses).  If you are thinking about it, just create one now!  Here is how to make your first WordPress post.
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Life & Bits Launches into the Blogosphere!

I was sitting in front of my computer when my wife asked me, “What are you doing?”.  I was reading From Zero to Hero  about starting a blog on WordPress.  “I’m going to start a blog.”, seemed as a good answer.  “Why do you want to start a blog?”, she continued.  “Well, I don’t want to start a blog.  I just want to learn how to start a blog.  The best way is to start one.”  And that is what Life & Bits is all about, learning.  Learning to go beyond the basic uses of the internet and really getting out there inside the web.

While working on “Step 2.  Get Started.” of the article mentioned above (From Zero to Hero), I decided to write a blog about learning not only about starting a blog, but also about every other web learning goal that have stuck recently into my mind.  In choosing a blog address (you need to choose an address to sign up and have a blog) I wanted to convey the idea of my life and the web, therefore, Life & Bits was born.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, a bit is the basic information unit in computing and “Bits” represent the web and the digital world. 
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